Welcome to the website of the DESIREE facility at Stockholm University, a national infrastructure supported by the Swedish Research Council.

DESIREE is a world-unique facility for studies of individual reactions with ions in well-defined quantum states. It is one of only three cryogenic ion-beam storage rings in operation worldwide and the only one where ion-ion interactions, important for e.g. interstellar processes, can be investigated. The facility has two 8.6 m circumference storage rings in a 13-Kelvin chamber where ion beams of atoms, molecules or clusters are stored and merged. This allows for unique studies of quantum-state resolved interactions of individual anion- cation pairs.

A consortium consisting of Stockholm University (SU), the University of Gothenburg (UGOT) and Malmö University (MaU) operate DESIREE as a national infrastructure since January 2018.

The beam time schedule for the Autumn 2019 can be found here

The DESIREE storage rings in their cryogenic enclosure.

The DESIREE storage rings in their cryogenic enclosure.